Why the name "Dildo"?

The age old question... where did Dildo get its name. Unfortunately there is no exact answer to this question even though it has been heavily studied. The area has been known as Dildo since as far back as 1711 and there are two common theories behind the name of this great community. 

The first theory states that the name "Dildo" is in reference to the oar pegs and the area in which they rest while rowing in a dory boat. Along with this there is a second theory for the name which comes from the French.  The word "Dildo" may come from the mispronunciation of the word "doldrums," which refers to calm seas or from the French name for the near by island in Dildo bay commonly called De l'île de l'eau, but pronounced "deh leel deh loh."

We may never know the origins for sure but that is half the fun of it. To find out more about Dildo's history please check out our Museum Page.


What are your location hours? 

Dildo Taproom Location
7 Front Rd, Dildo, NL A0B 1P0
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (Closed)
Thursday 12 - 7pm
Friday 12 - 9pm
Saturday 11 - 9pm (brunch 11-2pm)
Sunday 11 - 6pm (brunch 11-2pm)
Dildo Shop (Retail Only)
332 Water St, St. John's, NL A1C 1C1
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (Closed)
Friday 12 - 6pm
Saturday 12 - 6pm
Sunday 12 - 5pm


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How often do you restock?

Restock is done on a seasonal basis. For our core pieces, we do our best to keep these items in stock year round.

Where do you ship?

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Where can I find more info about Dildo Brewing Co.? 

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