About Us

The story of Dildo Brewing Company & Museum started back in 2016 with local brother and sister Angie Reid and Roger George.  Together with their spouses Rob Reid and Debbie George, they set out to bring craft beer and a much needed hub of the community to Dildo, Newfoundland.

Back in 2016, there was a shortlist of craft breweries operating within Newfoundland, none of which were anywhere near Dildo. The community of Dildo has always been a popular attraction to locals and visitors alike. However, it was lacking a community hub once people came to visit. Owners recognized this demand growing in their hometown and were quick to land on a solution to this problem... Craft beer!

Owners of Dildo Brewery

Within the community of Dildo was a cultural heritage museum that has showcased the rich history of Dildo's fishermen. This museum had been operating for over 20 years but was slowly falling to the wayside due to needed renovations and repairs. This problem within the community again presented a great solution to the owners. It was determined in 2017, that this museum would be renovated and reworked to house the Dildo Brewing Company & Museum. Therefore offering a community hub, craft brewery, restaurant and museum all in one. 

Owners Angie, Debbie, Rob and Roger have not looked back since opening their doors in spring 2018. After a major revamp to the build they were happy to see waves of visitors coming to their outport community. 

Jimmy Kimmel for Mayor of Dildo, Newfoundland

In 2019 the small community of Dildo was recognized by Jimmy Kimmel and the folks from Hollywood! This spotlight drove global attention to our fishing village and brewery. The "Jimmy For Mayor "campaign swept the community and Newfoundland in general as Kimmel and his team worked hard to leave their footprint on the town. Honoured to host these fine folks and represent our town on a global scale.