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We are starting 2024 with two awesome new brews we've created together with Trinity Coffee Company. Two unique Dildo Brewery Stouts and Trinity Coffee Company's premium-quality coffee.

What's inside:

☕Broad Cove Blend, 454g☕
Freshly roasted premium-quality coffee beans from Trinity, NL. This blend is a Medium Roast - perfect for every coffee lover - with rich notes and a smooth flavour you won't want to miss.
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🍻White Stout - ABV 5.8%🍻
Dark flavours for those who don't like dark beers.
Classic stout flavour without stout ingredients.
Infused with Trinity coffee beans.

🍻Cappuccino Stout - ABV 5.4%🍻
Smooth and rich, with a perfect cappuccino taste.
Infused with Trinity coffee beans and oats.